Winter Squash

Winter Squash


We grow a variety of different types of Winter Squash at Fort Hill Farm.  For specific information on a particular type of squash, click on the name of that squash below.


Many recipes using a type of Winter Squash can be made by substituting different types of squash.  Some recipes are more specific to a particular type and should be followed accordingly.  Recipes will usually indicate when another type of squash can be used, but don’t be afraid to be inventive experiment using a type of squash that isn’t recommended. 


Storage and Handling:

It should be noted that not all types of Winter Squash are good for long-term storage and should be used within a few weeks to a month.  But whether you are storing long term or short, they all prefer the same conditions, a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place. Your cellar or garage will work as long as they aren’t too damp and the squash doesn’t freeze.


*When preparing Winter Squash you should use caution.  It usually takes a large, sharp knife to slice them in half and since it’s not always an easy task, be sure to watch out for where you place your fingers.