We grow a few different types of onions here at Fort Hill Farm.  Most of the onions you will receive are “fresh”, which means that they’re not dried or “cured” like the onions that you buy at the supermarket.  We do dry some down which you’ll receive towards the end of the season.    


Storage and Handling:

Fresh onions should be kept in the refrigerator crisper drawer and will keep for up to two weeks. 


Dried, or “cured” onions should be kept in a dark, dry, cool place.  They will keep for up to a month.



Red Torpedo Onions (fresh):  small, sweet, red onions with a ‘torpedo-like’ shape.  These are great sliced thin into salads and sandwiches, added to your favorite salsa, or used in place of red onions in any recipe.


Ailsa Craig Onions (fresh): large, round, sweet yellow onions.  Oh man are these sweet, and delicious.  To showcase this onion, slice it into thick rounds, brush with a little olive oil and grill it till its’ tender.  Yummy!!!   Slice fresh into salads, on your burger, or any sandwich, or use in any recipe that calls for a sweet onion.


Purplette:  new this season, a fresh red onion.


Prince (fresh and cured): a yellow onion.  The first time you see these they will be distributed fresh, we will also cure some for a later distribution.  Store in dark, dry, cool place.