The Rutabaga we grow, the Gilfeather Turnip, is an heirloom as was once highly sought after.  It originated in Wardsboro Vermont from a farmer by the name of John Gilfeather.  He started growing them in the early 1900’s and they quickly became popular.  He would cut the tops and roots off the rutabaga before selling them so that no one could ‘steal’ his precious heirloom secret.


Storage and Handling:

Rutabagas can be stored in your refrigerator crisper drawer in a loosely closed plastic bag for up to month or more.


If you are fortunate enough to have a root cellar, they can be stored long-term when un-washed.


Culinary Uses:

These heirloom rutabagas are delicious and sweet.  They are great boiled and mashed with butter, salt and pepper.  They can be mashed with potatoes, roasted, braised, sliced into gratins, and added into soups and stews.