Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes


These often cause a bit of confusion.  Every wants to know, “What are these things, and how do you use them?” 


Garlic Scapes are the flower head and stem from the garlic plant.  Each plant sprouts one every spring.  Garlic Scapes are considered a delicacy in many fine restaurants.  They are special because you only get one crop every year so enjoy them while they’re around! 


Storage and Handling:

Garlic Scapes will keep for up to 3 weeks in your refrigerator crisper drawer in a loosely closed plastic bag.


Before use, cut off about an inch of the “whip” at the blossom end and about 2 inches on the other where it can get tough and fibrous. 


Culinary Uses:

Garlic Scapes can be used in place of garlic in most recipes.  Be careful not to over cook them, they will loose some of their garlic flavor and get tough.  Slice like a scallion and gently sauté with other veggies.


A good friend and chef recommend using them as a green vegetable similar to asparagus.  You can steam, grill,roast or sauté them whole and serve them as fun side dish.  They also make a great pesto!