Everyone is familiar with the refreshing flavor of cold, crisp, summer cucumbers.  We grow a few different varieties at Fort Hill Farm.  See varieties below for details.


Storage and Handling:

Store in your refrigerator crisper drawer in a loosely closed plastic bag for up to a week.  Cucumbers are best eaten within the week for maximum crispness.


Culinary Uses:

Eat cucumbers alone, on salads or slice onto sandwiches.  Add into cold summer soups, and make different ethnic condiments like Raita and Tzatziki.    



You’ll find your average cucumber at Fort Hill Farm, but you may also see…


Tasty Jade Cucumber: these are an English type of cucumber.  They are long, thin, practically seedless and spineless.


Suyo Long Cucumber: these are an Asian type of cucumber.  They are long, sometimes twisted into funny shapes, ridged and spiky.  The skin on these cucumbers is very tender and absolutely do not need to be peeled.  They are wonderfully crisp.