We grow a variety of different potatoes at Fort Hill Farm and they all have ways that they can be used to accentuate their distinct texture and flavor. 


We grow a variety of ‘regular potatoes’ such as Yukon Golds, Dark Red Norlands, Caribe, Carola, Kennebec, Butte, Elba, and Katahdin. 


We also grow specialty potatoes such as All Blue, German Butterball, and Austrian Crescent Fingerlings.


For more info on specific varieties, see Varieties below.


Storage and Handling:

Store Potatoes in a dark, dry, and cool place that is well ventilated.  They will keep for up to a month under these conditions.  If you need to store them at room temperature, use them a little quicker as they will not hold as long.


If you are fortunate enough to have a root cellar, they can be stored long-term when un-washed.


Culinary Uses:

Potatoes can be used in so many different ways but sometimes we need a little inspiration to use what we have in the cupboard.  I’ll often use whatever potato I have for whatever I am making but you may find that you like to use different potatoes for different applications because of their texture.  I’ve noted specific suggestions below but don’t be afraid to be creative.



Dark Red Norland Potato: medium size, waxy, red potato.  Good for mashing or smashing; roasting; potato salad; gratins; baked.  These do not need to be peeled!


Yukon Gold Potato: medium to large size, gold-fleshed potato.  Good for mashing or smashing; potato salad; baked; soups and stews; gratins; roasted.  Peeling optional.


Caribe Potato: medium size, waxy potato with light purple to reddish skin and golden flesh.  Good for potato salad; soups and stews; baked; roasted. These do not need to be peeled!


Carola Potatoes: medium size, similar to Yukon Gold in taste, texture, and color.  Use like a Yukon Gold.  Peeling optional.


Kennebec Potatoes: medium to large size, all-purpose white potato.  Peeling optional. 


Butte Potatoes: medium to large size, starchy, Russet-type white potato.  Great baked potato; blended soups; blended with other potatoes for mashing.  Peeling optional. 


All Blue Potatoes: small to medium size, blue all the way through.  Great roasted; mashed or smashed; braised.  These do not need to be peeled!


German Butterball Potatoes: small, round, gold, waxy potato. Great boiled and smashed; in soups and stews; roasted; salt potatoes.  These do not need to be peeled!


Austrian Crescent Fingerling Potatoes: long and thin, small, gold, waxy potato.  Excellent braised; in soups and stews; roasted; salads.  These do not need to be peeled!


Elba Potato: new this year!

Katahdin Potato: new this year!